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Rather than waiting a decade or more for your vacation home to appreciate in value by $125,000
why not create a Fractional Plan that may result in a $125,000 profit ... in one year or less.

Six reasons why Half, Third, or Quarter share fractional ownership plans are fast becoming the smart choice for residential and vacation property in the U.S. and Canada. Now you can create your own fractional plan
... just about anywhere!


  1. For those who understand the benefits of owning half or a third or a quarter share of something "great" versus 100% of owning something that's just "ok."
  2. For those who recognize the benefits of paying only half, or a third or quarter of the purchase price, the down payment and the mortgage, taxes, and utilities ... for full, exclusive use and ownership of their preferred months of choice each year.
  3. For those who recognize the benefits of building equity while vacationing, rather than paying high rental rates while vacationing.
  4. For those who recognize the benefits and rewards of profitable rental income and interesting tax advantages.
  5. For those who find the "the fractional plan" affords them an alternative to whole ownership ... so that they can start building lifelong memories and start building equity years in advance of their second home buying plans.
  6. For those who are retired or wisely planning for their retirement ahead of time who recognize the rewards and benefits of residing in the north during the summer for
    fun in the sun and vacationing in Florida's sunshine state during the winter.

  Eliminating 50%, 66% or 75%

of the cost and the expenses of

ownership under our fractional

ownership plan affords you

at least double the value of

luxury living in a vacation home.

Start saving and building

equity and memories today!


Do you prefer the summer or the winter?

The beauty of this fractional OWN HALF plan is that for everyone who loves the
summer sun on the beach, there is someone who loves winter snow on the slopes.

Discover how you can customize your own 25%, 33%, or 50% fractional plan with almost any freehold property around the corner or around the world. Keep your preferred season for yourself and sell the other season(s) to a matched co-owner. We have the tools you need, the comprehensive marketing kit and a customized website and mobile site to bring your fractional plan to life online for a one-time cost of $995

We also provide you with a FREE fractional agreement template ... that's easy to customize.

Good news for vacation home buyers!

Simply put, we are a free link-up service that puts you in touch with the best and most knowledgeable real estate agents and lawyers, that can help you:

1/ buy or sell a home or condominium in any state, province or country,

2/ create your own fractional plan with a currently owned property or a new to be acquired property.

3/ get matched up with a fractional plan in your favourite city or resort destination.

Imagine being able to own and use only the season you want and then selling the other season(s) to help carry the costs of full ownership. It represents the perfect vacation lifestyle! It's designed for those who understand the benefits of owning a half, quarter or a third of something "great" versus 100% of something that's just "ok."

Isn't it time to live the dream?

It's a very simple but rewarding concept that works well for those looking to enjoy ownership of a vacation home, cottage, resort condo or urban condo, for the months you want for residential use, weekend use and / or vacation use. Fractionals are springing up everywhere.

Here is how it works:

You can enter into a fractional plan through our buyer match up services if you are not quite ready to start your own fractional. Perhaps after enjoying your shared fractional for a few years, you may be ready to start your own fractional to start making money. Some people that are serious about Fractional projects are creating 3 and 4 fractional units a year ... with out building and units, acquiring special permits, construction costs etc. All that is not necessary.

They're simple selecting a condo or cottage in a 4 season resort town and selling it in 25%, 33% or 50% shares for big substantial profits.

You can keep the season that interests you most, or sell the whole unit under a fractional plan. We provide you with all the tools to do it right. We know what works and what does'nt ... saving you the time, legwork and money rather than going it alone. By creating your own fractional plan, the best way is to first purchase 100% ownership of a property (home or condo) with full deed and title through one of our affiliated real estate agents who will work with you to find a great property in your preferred destination.

We strongly recommend a four season resort destination ... as it will be easier to sell fractionally.

Then, after you have made the whole purchase of the unit, you'll have the option to sell 50%, 33% or 25% shares (at your own pace) of your new vacation home to suitable buyer(s) ... at a price that you decide on, using our seller's kit that includes all marketing materials needed.

Example of a fractional plan acquisition:

Your purchase price of a Four Season Resort Condo property $299,000

You retain your season of choice - ie; summer months - June July & Aug. (Value of approx. $125K)
as this would likely be the easiest to sell ... being the preferred months by most fractional prospects - a high in demand season.

You sell the remaining months to three parties (families or couples) to recover the full value of the property you acquired.

Plan 1 - Sept. Oct. Nov. /  Purchase Price - $95,000 purchase price
Plan 2 - Dec. Jan. Feb.  /  Purchase Price - $109,000 purchase price
Plan 3 - Mar. Apr. May.  /  Purchase Price - $95,000 purchase price

Total:                                                             $299,000

Since you now retained the summer months - June July, August - you have capitalized by building equity in a very short period of time by creating this fractional plan for resale purposes.

Assuming you are interested in reselling your summer fractional share right away or some time down the road, it is estimated that the summer months may sell for as much as $125,000 ... believed to be a fair market value for families or couples who look forward to enjoying worry free summers, paying only a little more than a third of the purchase price of the whole cost of the unit. Remember, they're only paying their share of maintenance fees, utilities etc. because the summer is the only time they would use the condo.  So this situation offers many new vacation home buyers a viable alternative to full ownership, especially since they're only interested in a particular season. This Fractional plan makes sound economic sense to many ... and you benefit when they do. It works for them ... its works for you.

Let's call it a WIN WIN!

Rather than waiting for a decade or more for your vacation home to appreciate in value by $125,000 ... why not create a Fractional Plan that may result in a $125,000 profit in one year or less.

If you think you will not be able to sell the other seasons? Think again ... for every sailor there is a skier ... for every autumn lover their is a Spring enthusiast. So how many successful Fractionals where sold last year. Thosuands!

In many four season resort towns, the spring, summer, autumn and winter offer very different quality times and memories of sports and leisure. The birds on their long journeys home come to rest by the bay in the spring and the rainbow trout and salmon are moving up stream, … nothing will keep you indoors.

Wine lovers, hikers and fisherman also keep the beauty of autumn to themselves to enjoy the valleys and mountains, and area site seeing to satisfy most nature enthusiasts. For summer and winter ... we all know that for every person who loves the summer sun, there is a family or couple who can't wait for the snow to fall so that they can hit the slopes.

If you're planning on becoming a Fractional Developer whether you have one unit or multiple units ... which ever your season of choice, it makes sound economic sense to start today while interest rates are at their lowest.

Remember, you only need three fractional buyers to make this happen with one condo ... and when it does, why not move forward to your next fractional property to build your portfolio, to grow your memories and to grow your equity!

Now is the time to go fractional!

Since you'll be setting up everything including furnishing the unit and creating the fractional plan, you should add on; the cost of the furniture and all the expenses that you paid in advance to design the fractional plan, since you have done all the legwork. Your fractional partners will most likely recognize the benefits and rewards and agree that the cost is well justified and well worth it to them because without you and your efforts, this fractional plan and all the benefits, conveniences and savings that come along with it would not be available to them.

Now they can save significantly for the purchase of their vacation property for their favourite 6 month, 4 month or 3 month season of choice in their favourite destination each year with family and friends. That's worth a lot to them!
But they will also benefit from only paying the expenses for the time they use and have "owner security" of their property when they are not using it. They'll also realize the benefits of building equity while vacationing, rather than paying high rental rates when vacationing.

You will in essence turn their dreams into reality by offering the fractional plan to them. Now they can start building equity and memories that will last a life time.

You'll be able to choose from well suited buyers that have the same objective as you do ... but they'll look forward to a different "time of use" that you don't want to use anyway. Meanwhile they pay their proportionate share of everything, that being: the mortgage (unless you arrange a mortgage free plan), the utilities, insurance, property taxes, and operating costs. It's the perfect situation for many people and for many obvious reasons.  It just makes for smart real estate investment.  It's also a smart way to add high profits and multiple properties to your portfolio.

Fractional Ownership -

... an idea whose time has come!

Why Real Estate Agents are important ... to buyers and sellers.

Handling your own sale means you'll be responsible for placing ads, the calls and showing your home to strangers.

- A real estate agent has marketing systems in place for listing and selling homes.
- An agent will take the buyer through the home at scheduled times.
  An agent can sell for you, not just show the house.
- Agents are experienced in local markets and will help you determine proper selling prices.
- The agent will negotiate with the buyer on your behalf.
- The agent can find qualified buyers.
- An agent can offer advice on preparing the house for a faster sale, and sell for closer to the asking
  price and sometimes above the asking price if multiple offers are submitted.
- Buyers who know that you are selling on your own, tend to offer you much less to equal the
  commission savings.
- Remember: a real estate agent probably knows a lot more about the business of selling a home than
  you do.
- Most agents also know about the half ownership advantage and can help you enter into a plan to buy
  the right home or condo for the purpose of turning into a co-ownership (tenancy- in- common)

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