About Us

First let us tell you a little about our search engine ranking. Rankings may vary from time to time, increasing
or decreasing, but the following is our average GOOGLE search page ranking:
#1 on page #1 - out of 1,620,000,000 GOOGLE and Yahoo search listings
We're ranked #1 of 1,620,000,000 listings on Google search engine for the keys words "Own Half ".
We're ranked #1, 2 & 3 out of 260,000,000 listings on Google search engine for the keys words "Own Half Real Estate".
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Who we are?

Simply put, we are a free link-up service that puts you in touch with the best and most knowledgeable real estate agents from around the corner and around the world, that can help you buy a home or condominium in any state, province or country.

Imagine being able to use only the season you want and then selling the other season(s) to help carry the costs of full ownership. It represents the perfect vacation lifestyle! It's designed for those who understand the benefits of owning half of something "great" versus 100% of something that's just "ok."   It's time to live your dream and start building equity and memories that will last for generations!

Our development team also play an important role in the consumer demand aspect of our business and in our efforts to bring buyers and sellers together on the internet by developing quality web sites and news feed portals for real estate buyers and sellers, realtors and trades people.
Here is where we get a chance to tell you a little about ourselves and the background of our company.

  • Management: Our experienced marketing professionals and technical web team of ebusiness professionals work together
    to ensure the highest level of service.

  • Company:
    Ownhalf.com is a Canadian owned and operated company in association with StoveAlert.com.
  • We are a Media and Development Group for buyers and sellers of fractional marketing plans. Our team of partners include
    realtors and real estate investors, real estate representatives, lawyers, resort developers, home builders, and yachtbrokers,
    boat manufacturers. We bring buyers / sellers and realtors together through the match up service of OwnHalf.com while creating
    a strong internet presence that reaches into the homes and offices in your community and globally!
    We maintain privacy for all of our clients and offer solutions for your real estate needs ... at your own pace!
  • Our group of owned Intellectual property / Media sites either under auction for sale or under development include:
    Canadaoil.com, EasySavings.ca, Globerecruiters.com, SecuredLimo.com, StoveAlarm.com, WebsiteInnovative.com, HockeyCheer.com, Worldcup2018.ca, YachtAPP.ca, CanadaDoctor.com, eLending.ca, Appbiz.ca, HomeServiceAPP.com, HockeyAPP.ca, CottageAPP.ca, eCottages.com, Davisbulletin.com, DeveloperAPP.ca, eboating.ca, Yachtbrokers.ca, eselling.ca, eMobileCoupon.com, FlightAPP.ca, GlobalCosmeticSurgeons.com, OwnHalf.com, HalfOwnership.com, HealthAPP.ca, HomesAPP.ca, HolidayAPP.ca, InsuranceAPP.ca, LegalAPP.ca, JobsAPP.ca, LubeCanada.ca, OfficialSponsor.ca, OfficialSponsor.ca, RealtorsAPP.ca, ResortsAPP.ca, RenovationsAPP.ca, TradesAPP.ca, TravelAPP.ca, VacationCertificates.ca, OilAPP.ca, TravelCertificates.com, VacationAPP.ca, BankMortgaging.com, YachtAPP.ca, TubeCity.ca, RockAPP.ca, LoansAPP.ca.
We will continue to improve our services as Internet technology improves.