The Benefits and Rewards of Half Ownership

    Own half ... how people value half ownership!

  • We are able to enjoy our vacations in a luxury vacation home with double the value ... for half the price!
    Betty S.
  • We are able to keep our vacation home thanks to the team.
    My wife and I really did not want to sell our vacation retreat up north, but we felt it was necessary to move into something smaller so we could afford to travel. But now that we found a nice family who were interested in only buying half of our property for the exclusive ski season winter use, ... it worked out perfectly for both parties. We keep the summer, they get the winter! Just perfect for us! Thanks for letting us live the dream.

  • Now we can keep our lovely retreat (which really pleases our children and grand children), for the full summer season each year, that being from Apr through October. That was only the time we really used anyway. Now we have freed up some money and can enjoy travelling with peace of mind! Now we can do what we always wanted to do and that's leave the property for our children and grandchildren to use and enjoy in the many summers ahead as we did for so many years in the past. Now everyone in the family is happy and that's most important! 
    We thank you for the good idea you had!
    Greg & Carolyn S.
  • We don't have the time to use it as often as we would like to, so sharing ownership with another couple is convenient & economically sensible!
    Alternating use every two weeks is perfect for us and we really did not like the idea of renting it out to people we don't know. This way the other owner has a vested interest in the property so we feel it will be cared for. So far its worked out well.  Cheers and thank you!
    Rick W.
  • We like the idea that our mortgage payments, utilities, taxes & insurance etc., stop when we stop vacationing! Beautiful ... we are stress free.
    Jean and Paul L
  • We like the idea that an ownhalf share puts us into something new & modern which increases the chances of higher property appreciation, then if were to purchase whole ownership of a small cabin that does not appreciate as well!
    Cornal and Diana K
  • The fact that our luxury retreat has more bedrooms, central heat & air, is nicely furnished, has a modern kitchen with all appliances and master bedroom ensuites that we just can't find if we were to buy a whole owned property with our budget ... and that is what really appeals to us.
    Erma and Ted J
  • We like the idea that by saving 50% off the purchase price and all other ongoing expenses, we have the money to apply to other important things in our lives! We were also very satisfied in being able to purchase our vacation home at the fair appraised market value... and now we are building memories much before we planned and at the same time building equity just like your websiute states. Love it!
    Wayne S
  • We realize that a 50% ownership plan has some interesting tax advantages ... hey that matters.
    John C
  • We realize that half ownership allows us to invest in a vacation home 10 years ahead of the time we had planned to do so, which means we will most certainly benefit from ten years of property appreciation and gain a decade of wonderful memories with our family along the way that will stay with us for a lifetime.
    Two important things we would of missed out on if we would of sat idle! We would like to say a big thanks from the whole family!
    Jenny, Paul and the kids
  • Our financial adviser made us realize that diversifying our real estate portfolio is as important as diversifying a stock portfolio. By having various pieces of real estate, we can limit our risk and enjoy our real estate. We also entered into a fractional plan that gives us the option to rent our designated time when ever we like. Rental income from a "vacation home" is about four times greater than "residential" rental income. Our rental income easily covers all of our expenses and we still have much time left over for our personal use. We are so happy to get started. Considering getting two properties ... fun in the sun for personal use and one for great rental income! Thanks from the boomers children.
    Dan and Cathy
  • We are a retired couple and we love cottage country from May to October.
    We would like to spend the entire summer by the lake entertaining family and friends on weekends and being alone up there during the week to enjoy the peace and quite of nature. Then travel south to the sunshine state from Nov to April where we enjoy being on the ocean front in the company of our friends we have met down south. Two half share properties, one in the north and one in the south makes sense to us. Wish
    we would of discovered your website earlier.
    Jerry and Janette
  • We have worked hard our entires lives and now its time to enjoy life away from the snow, finally!!!!! Our children invite us north to stay with them for the 2 weeks during Christmas which is a good break from the sun rather than the other way around, but it's nice to know we can escape the snow and travel south again to our co-owned property in the tropics. We think its great! Will recommend your site.
    Liz and Christian
  • We let our whole family use it in Florida when ever they would like to visit.  That alone has made it worth it. Brought us close together.
    Giving our unit away for a few weeks each year makes a great gift to our children.
    Bruse and Margret
  • I like the idea of selling our home in the city for $850,000 so we can buy 6 months ownership on our favourite lake for $175,000 (a $350,000 valued cottage) and 6 months in Florida for $150,000 (a $300,000 valued bay front condo). That means we spent $325,000 for ownership of two locations .... 6 months in Florida and 6 months ownership by the lake in Muskoka and have $550,000 left over to enjoy in our retirement years. That also helped to give our children a down payment for their first home and freed up some money for their college. Everyone we've talked to said it was a smart investment!! Now we know that it is. Thanks guys for making us rich in more ways than one.
    Our kids love it too
    Clarke and Joanna