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                 North -  Georgian Bay - Ontario, Canada           South -  Florida - West Coast - St Pete Beach
  Georgian Bay
New Luxury Vacation Cottage

$275,000 / 50%
Own from May thru October

Private Beachfront
4 bedrooms/Skylight
2 Full Baths & Master
En suite/Central A/C

Value $550,000
    Georgian Bay
50 Year Old Cabin

$275,000 / 100%
Own year round

Private Beachfront
2 Bedrooms/1 bath
old kitchen & appliances
wood burning stove
Ceiling fan

Value $275,000
      On Tampa Bay
Luxury Villa Condo

$125,000 / 50%
Own from May thru October

Beachfront on the Bay
3 bedrooms / Modern Villa
Modern appliances / Kitchen
Patio / 2 Full Baths & Master
En suite / Central A/C

Value $250,000
     Close to the Bay
Older style Villa

$125,000 / 100%
Own year round

Close to the Bay
2 Bedrooms / 1 bath
Older kitchen & appliances
Ceiling fan & air conditioner
Old turn windows

Value $125,000

  Now you can own waterfront luxury for the summer months in the north
and waterfront luxury in the winter months in Florida ... all for only $400,000

OwnHalf.com understands the importance of diversifying your real estate portfolio. By having various pieces of real estate, you can limit your risk and enjoy your real estate. Some owners rent out their half-shares and some choose to utilize them to the fullest. Flexibility inherent in half-share ventures is the main benefit of buying property this way. Appreciation, rental revenue, vacation use - the options are many.

it let's you enjoy the good life.


The Own Half concept appeals to people who like the idea of paying half of the price of the property, half of the down-payment, half of the mortgage expenses, have the utilities, insurance and taxes. In other words ... paying only for the vacation season of choice with all the benefits of property appreciation and security of the unit when you are not using it for yourself!

Are you looking for another buyer to share half ownership of that four bedroom waterfront dream home? OwnHalf.com will do the research. You customize the rules to your liking! You choose your favorite 6 months of ownership that you will be able to use exclusively each year. You will also be able to sell it or will it as you would any real estate property.

For example, you may not agree to make the unit available for rental to the general public, or on the contrary ... you may be interested in buying for that exact purpose as a rental income because vacation rental income is usually 400 to 600% greater than residential rental income. That will need to be agreed and understood by both parties of course.

Remember, you choose the property ... you set the rules. We match you with a 50% owner that is well screened and in good financial standing that wants just what you want ... except for a different season of use. Does your list of must-haves include a butler's pantry, granite countertops and a boat dock out back?

Do you prefer the rustic log cabin, the outdoor fireplace, fishing, cruising the lakes or are you more of a skier then a sailor who enjoys cross-country and downhill skiing and who looks forward to a white Christmas in the north country.

Different strokes for different folks is what will allow you to own your most favorite months in your preferred vacation destination. Let OwnHalf.com find the family with similar interests. OwnHalf.com will search its client profiles and bring you together with buyers that are much like you, also looking for the same 50% ownership arrangement ... just a different preferred time to use it and that's what makes it all possible.

Perhaps you currently own a cottage or vacation home outright (100%), but are considering selling off a half-share portion of your wholly owned vacation home. Not just because it's especially lucrative, but because you are looking forward to owning 6 months in Florida for the winter season and enjoying the extra money from the proceeds of your sale. Kind of the best of both worlds don't you think?

Another reason why you may be giving consideration to selling half of your cottage or vacation home is simply because selling half of your property eliminates 50% of the costs associated with full ownership while still allowing you to use it for the summer ... because you don't use it during the winter anyway.

OwnHalf.com has the professionally drafted contract templates that you need from start to finish if you are planning to put a half ownership plan together. We have done all the leg work to put a co-ownership plan together that works for both parties, safely and securely for the benefit of both parties ... saving you much time and money!

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