This plan may allow you to retire many years earlier than expected.

Living in two of your most favorite seasonal destinations is now possible and very affordable. With the proceeds of sale of your primary residence, you now have the safety net and money that allows you to live comfortably ... worry free! Now it's time to enjoy a new adventure of sports and leisure living ... and some of the finer things in life!

If you already have a vacation home or cottage and are considering selling, but there is some reservation about selling because of memories, children and grandchildren who look so much forward to going north each summer and just a love for the property. Well, we have the solution that will make everyone happy. Keep the season of choice for exclusive use each year for everyone ... while selling the time you and family don't use!

Imagine for a moment if we found a 50% co-owner for your northern vacation property who are only interested in owning the winter months (November through April) because of the close proximity to cross-country & down hill skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, spending Christmas, New Years and Easter with family around a cozy fireplace in white north.  Sounds inviting doesn't it? There are many people who prefer winter skiing over summer sailing and that opens a whole new lifestyle for you if summer is your favorite season of choice, or if winter is your favorite season of choice.

Let's assume summer is your preferred choice. While the other co-owners are using their winter share up north, you'll have comfort and peace of mind knowing that your northern retreat is secured, managed and watched over by them while they're covering all the expenses each month while you're away enjoying that sense of well being in the salty ocean breeze of the south and when the spring arrives again in the north ... it's homeward ... where you'll be invited back by the singing loons across the lake.

Now would that not be the perfect lifestyle? Summer here, winter there ... and no in between costs from either end!

That would allow you to enjoy full ownership of the spring, summer and into autumn ... (May through October) in your vacation home by the lake for half the price, half the taxes and half the upkeep.

If you don't use much of the winter in the north anyway, the "own half" plan would probably suit you well. Not only would that cut all of your expenses in half, but it would also free up some money so you can buy a winter half in a luxury Florida waterfront condo.

The own half kit which includes the tenancy in common contracts to get started, is valued at over $3,000, but we'll provide it to you for FREE when you order your property website / marketing package for only $500.             

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The possibilities are many, the properties are many
... and the timing couldn't be better!