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There are two ways to start a Fractional Ownership Program.

1/ We can broker your Fractional purchase by matching you with another party for your favourite boat and season of use. You're not required to participate in our boat selection. If you have another boat in mind, we can help locate a person who would like to be a Co-owner with you for the time you're not planning to use it. We do not earn any commission or finder fees for arranging the purchase of any vessel on the co-owner's behalf from the marine dealer.

2/ The other way to buy or sell a Fractional Ownership Plan is to create your own plan with our turn-key Fractional Agreement (easily modified to suit & ready to use). This presents an ideal opportunity if you are planning to form a Fractional with family, friends, co-workers or any other boater from the general public for a new or used boat. The purchase of our kit allows you to design your own Fractional without having to pay us a broker fee. This is money you save! This is also the preferred method if you own a boat and believe you can sell your boat faster with a better price to two or three owners rather than to one owner, especially in these difficult times.

Your Fractional Kit includes:

1/ A complete 15 page Fractional Ownership Agreement to start your own fractional plan for any vessel.

2/ A customized web site to help sell your Fractional Plan.


                Now receive all of the above for only  $495


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