Start your own Fractional Plan - with our turn-key marketing kit

                 Order our comprehensive tenancy-in-common marketing kit today to form

                            your own customized Fractional ownership plan ... using almost any

                                  property around the corner or around the world!



The timing couldn't be better to buy a vacation property in the north and/or south to turn it into your own customized co-ownership property, where you retain the exclusive months of ownership and exclusive use. There are thousands of properties and foreclosures to choose from in Florida.  It's a turn-key business investment opportunity that offers you the best of both worlds!

The marketing package price

is only $995 (a $10,000 value)



1/ Custom designed fractional website and mobile site fully launched to promote your Fractional Plan.

2/ Unlimited free web hosting until your property sells or we'll continue to host for free for up to 3 years.

3/ Web site management services and search engine submission.

4/ Full colour e-cards for email marketing to clients & prospects to help promote your vacation property.

5/ 250 full colour / gloss business cards.

6/ 250 Full colour brochures

Plus ... FREE Fractional Ownership agreements and shareholder agreement templates you need
to buy/sell and launch your fractional plan - turnkey. (a $6,000 value - FREE).
Plus an online version that you can email to prospects.

That's a $4,000 value for the marketing package and a $6,000 value for the fractional agreements ... all for only $995. (This rate is in effect until May 1st, 2015)


The Contract includes the following provisions -

The parties

Identity of property

Intent of parties

Exclusive use

Right to lease


Improvements and Repairs


First Purchase Option

Intra family Transfers

Right of partition


All schedules




Binding effect

Disclaimer of Partnership


Signature acceptance page


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