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Half of something Great
is better than 100% of something just OK!

Because you only plan to
use it for the season you
want anyway.


Rather than waiting a decade or more for your vacation home to appreciate in value by $125,000
why not create a Fractional Plan that may result in a $125,000 profit ... in one year or less.


Let's talk a little bit about Fractional buying and selling.

You can enter into a 50%, 33% or 25% fractional plan through our buyer match up services for your preferred season and favourite resort destination. Whether its a summer or winter "own half share" by Blue Mountain's Georgian Bay, or a luxury ocean condo in the islands or in the sunshine state.

Perhaps you would like to own half of a Toronto Harbour Front Condo ... from May through October and a Florida condo ... from November through April ... enjoying the best of both worlds!


You can create your own fractional plan and sell off the months you don't want for a substantial profit.

By creating your own fractional plan, you may be able to use your current vacation home or purchase 100% ownership of a vacation property (home or condo) with full deed and title through one of our affiliated real estate agents who will work with you to find a great property in your destination of choice.

Then, after you have made the purchase, you'll have the option to sell 50%, 33% or 25% shares (at your own pace) of your new vacation home to suitable buyer(s) ... at a price that you decide on, using our seller's kit that includes all marketing materials needed.


Six reasons why Half, Third, or Quarter share fractional ownership plans are fast becoming the smart choice for residential and vacation property in the U.S. and Canada. Now you can create your own fractional plan anywhere!

  1. for those who understand the benefits of owning half or a third or a quarter share of something "great" versus 100% of owning something that's just "ok."
  2. for those who recognize the benefits of paying only half, or a third or quarter of the purchase price, the down payment and the mortgage, taxes, and utilities ... for full, exclusive use and ownership of their preferred months of choice each year.
  3. for those who recognize the benefits of building equity while vacationing, rather than paying high rental rates while vacationing.
  4. for those who recognize the benefits and rewards of profitable rental income and interesting tax advantages.
  5. for those who find the "the fractional plan" affords them an alternative to whole ownership ... so that they can start building lifelong memories and start building equity years in advance of their second home buying plans.
  6. for those who are retired or wisely planning for their retirement ahead of time who recognize the rewards and benefits of residing in the north during the summer for fun in the sun and vacationing in Florida's sunshine state during the winter.

Discover  how you can customize your own 50% co-ownership plan with almost any freehold property around the corner or around the world. Keep the preferred season for yourself and sell the other season to a matched co-owner.

We have the tools, the marketing plan and the agreements from start to closing.

Good news for vacation home buyers!

Simply put, we are a free link-up service that puts you in touch with the best and most knowledgeable real estate agents from around the corner and around the world, that can help you buy a home or condominium in any state, province or country.

Imagine being able to use only the season you want and then selling the other season(s) to help carry the costs of full ownership. It represents the perfect vacation lifestyle! It's time to live the dream!

It's a very simple but rewarding concept that works well for those looking to enjoy ownership of a vacation home for 6 months of the year whether for full straight use, weekend use or periodic use.

You'll be able to choose from well suited buyers that have the same objective as you do ... but for a different 6 months of use that you don't want to use anyway.

Meanwhile they pay half the cost, half the mortgage (unless you arrange a mortgage free plan), the utilities, insurance, property taxes, and operating costs. It's the perfect situation for many people and for many obvious reasons.

Home Buyers and Sellers


Looking to add some exciting real estate to your portfolio?


Here is another great reason to buy Florida property and northern cottage property. Using our "own half" plan and today's rock bottom prices in the Florida real estate market, it may be the right time for you to buy that spectacular waterfront condo or vacation home and convert it into a 50% ownhalf plan.

We have all the tools and agreements that you'll need to customize your ownhalf plan.

Perhaps you would like to own 6 months in the north and 6 months in the south. If that's the case, it may make sound economic sense to sell your city home.

There are only 12 months of the year
... so if you plan to live your dream in your favorite d
estination in the south for 6 months and in cottage country of the north for the remaining 6 months of the year, then it may be a good idea to also sell your primary residence in the city to free up your money and start enjoying life to the fullest.
Now you'll be able to use your money for other things like that sea craft you have been dreaming about and or helping the children buy their first home.


Plus, owning two vacation homes is much less a cost and much less a burden then owning and maintaining your residential home in the city with all those high tax hikes and upkeep each year.

If you are retired or close to it, ask yourself this question; if we like to spend all of our time at the lake during the summer and the entire winter in Florida, do we really need to hold on to a third residence in the city that we will hardly ever use?

For many the answer is obvious. By selling your primary city residence in the north at a premium price it will allow you to buy a 50% share of a winter retreat in Florida and a 50% share in a summer condo or cottage in the north at a much lower price.


1/ Let's assume your (mortgage free) primary city residence in Toronto sells for $1,000,000 (average price of detached city house).

2/ Your 50% ownership of a beautiful 2 bedroom, two bath bay front Florida condo would be $125,000. (U.S. funds)

3/ Your 50% ownership of a summer retreat of sports and leisure in beautiful 3 bedroom / 2 bath in the Collingwood area would be $175,000.

This allows you to sell your city home and acquire two wonderful residences that are "mortgage free" and where you only pay the upkeep for the months you own and use.

You have now spent $300,000 for two 6 month residences and freed up $700,000 by selling your city home. In other words, when your summer season ends in Collingwood, the other 50% owner of the Collingwood retreat takes over the use of the unit and all maintenance costs, utilities, taxes, and security of the other property ... and you head south to your luxury Florida condo for the months November through April.

So now you can enjoy your Florida Vacation residence and that salty fresh air that you always look forward to ... just as the weather turns to cold in the north.

That cold air might not suit you and you may of had enough years of ice and snow for your liking ... but for the other 50% owner of your OWN HALF Collingwood property, they can't wait for the white stuff to fall so they can challenge the Mountain slopes every weekend from November through April.

Christmas up north with a fireplace and a white landscape is just what their family looks forward to. Now both parties are happy which makes for a worry free OWN HALF lifestyle.

Doesn't that make economic and practical sense for both parties? Remember, for every sailor there is a skier that can't wait for you to head south to the warm sun ... and they're willing to pay for it! Imagine that!

When their ski season comes to and end, and the flowers start to spring in the north, it will be time for you to return home ... for more golfing, swimming, boating, barbecues and leisure from May through

October, after which time, you can prepare for your journey south again.

Peace of mind vacation ownership for both parties?


If you're planning to buy a vacation home or condo for the purpose of forming a resale fractional plan for profit, the following is a sample of how you can instantly increase property value and profits ... equity that may normally take years to appreciate.

Example of a fractional plan acquisition:

Your purchase price of a Four Season Resort Condo property $299,000

You retain your season of choice
ie; summer months - June July & Aug. (Value of approx. $125K) as the summer would likely be the easiest season to resell  to fractional prospects - a high in demand season.

You sell the remaining months to three parties (families or couples) to recover the full value of the property you acquired.

Plan 1 - Sept. Oct. Nov.
Purchase Price - $95,000 purchase price

Plan 2 - Dec. Jan. Feb.
Purchase Price - $109,000 purchase price

Plan 3 - Mar. Apr. May.
Purchase Price - $95,000 purchase price

Total:             $299,000


Since you retained the summer months - June July, August - you have capitalized by building equity in a very short period of time by creating this fractional plan for resale purposes.

Assuming you are interested in reselling your summer fractional share, it is estimated that the summer months would sell for approximately $125,000 ... believed to be a fair market value for families or couples who look forward to enjoying worry free summers, paying only a fraction of the whole cost of the unit, their share of maintenance fees, utilities etc. ...

For you, the seller, rather than waiting for a decade or more for your vacation home to appreciate in value by $125,000 ... why not create a Fractional Plan that may result in a $125,000 profit in one year or less.

For the buyers ... "the fractional plan" affords them an alternative to whole ownership ... so that they can start building lifelong memories and start building equity years in advance of their second home buying plans.
You have allowed them something they can afford today and because the summer is the only time they would use the condo anyway.

So your fractional plan suits them just right!

It's very much a WIN WIN!

Concerned you won't be able to sell the other seasons? Think again ... for every sailor there is a skier ... for every autumn lover their is a Spring enthusiast!

In many four season resort towns, the spring, summer, autumn and winter offer very different quality times and memories of sports and leisure. The birds on their long journeys home come to rest by the bay in the spring and the rainbow trout and salmon are moving up stream, … nothing will keep you indoors.

Wine lovers, hikers and fisherman also keep the beauty of autumn to themselves to enjoy the valleys and mountains, and area site seeing to satisfy most nature enthusiasts.

For summer and winter ... we all know that for every person who loves the summer sun, there is a family or couple who can't wait for the snow to fall so that they can hit the slopes.

If you're planning on becoming a Fractional Developer whether you have one unit or multiple units ... which ever your season of choice, it makes sound economic sense to start today while interest rates are at their lowest.


Remember, you only need three fractional buyers to make this happen with one condo ... and when it does, why not move forward to your next fractional property to build your portfolio, to grow your memories and to grow your equity!


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