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Do you own a cottage or vacation home that you would like to sell under the own half plan?
Do you have a particular dream cottage or vacation home in mind that you would like to buy under the own half plan?
Or would you like us to find one for you? is a marketing company, specializing in 50% ownership of cottages and luxury vacation properties, motor yachts and other water craft throughout North America. We assist buyers in finding their ideal vacation property or motor yacht while matching them with the right co-owner through our unique Buyer Match Plan.

OwnHalf, also known as fractional ownership, offers many benefits over purchasing a vacation property outright.

We give you the opportunity to own a more desirable, higher-quality vacation home, at half the cost.

At, you select the city or town you're interested in ... we'll help you find the perfect property and match you up with a potential buyer that shares the same interest and value and is also in good financial standing as you are, but prefers a different vacation pattern or time of use.

Leave the legwork to us and get ready to experience a new worry free lifestyle ... at half the cost!


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