First let us tell you a little about our search engine ranking.

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Who we are

Simply put, we are a free link-up service that puts you in touch with the best and most knowledgeable real estate agents from around the corner and around the world, that can help you buy a home or condominium in any state, province or country.

Imagine being able to use only the season you want and then selling the other season(s) to defray from the cost of full ownership.
It represents the perfect vacation lifestyle! It's designed for those who understand the benefits of owning half of something "great" versus 100% of something that's just "ok."  It's time to live your dream and start building memories that will last for generations!

Our development team also play an important role in consumer demand and the realtor branding aspect of the industry. We strive to bring home buyers / sellers and real estate representatives together through unique marketing strategies, property acquisitions and branding and social referrals tools in effort to bring businesses to life on the internet. We develop quality web sites and news feed portals for real estate sellers, realtors and trades people.

The most effective branding tool:

To help brand your real estate business and secure more property listings, we have developed an
(audio Stove Alert web page) that announces a warning every 3 minutes in the home in the event of distraction from the stove. This has proven to achieve two things:

1/ It will help to protect community residents and property against kitchen fires. Distraction from the stove is the leading cause of kitchen fires in North America. Your customized Alert page will demonstrate concern and will be much appreciated and remembered by home owners that receive this caring gift from you!

2/ Your Stove Alert page represents an effective social referral tool, because people feel duty-bound to recommend this safety feature to others. Each time someone uses the Alert page they’ll see your business message first and you brand your name a little more each time. This truly is a noble way to grow your business that can result in building trust in your community and as a result, secure more property listings for years to come.

Here’s how it works:

Rather than having people pay for their online Stove Alert directly from our web site at, we’re allowing realtors
to offer our online fire prevention tool to as many people as they like for free unlimited use!

Your community residents save the full $70 annual cost compliments of you, but even more valuable is the fact that you’ll be providing residents with safety in their home and that is a much greater value to home owners.

Every time someone uses their online Stove Alert, they will see only your business message displayed exclusively on the same page. You’ll be well accepted inside homes across your community. Your local fire department should even praise you for the good you are doing to help fight kitchen fires.

Your only cost to participate with your own Stove Alert page is $49 a year (that's equal to about a dollar a week) and we’ll have your alert page up and running within 48 hours with your display advertisement! Of course we’ll only invoice you the $49 after we have launched and activated the page.

Why is our online fire prevention alert so important to residents in every community around the world?

How many times have you, your teens, or spouse left the stove unattended to check an email only to get caught up in the web ... causing smoke to fill the house? 

If this scenario or a similar one does not sound familiar to you, you may want to think about it a little more because it’s likely that you, and every member of your family who has spent time with the stove has run the risk of having a dangerous life threatening fire ... and most likely on more than one occasion!

Unattended cooking will be responsible for causing an est. 14,000,000 unreported kitchen fires in 2012 in Canada and the U.S alone. But now your home computer can remind you that the stove is on by a voice activated audio alert to prevent a fire from happening in your home! When the alert is activated, your computer speakers will remind you, your spouse, your teens and elders that the stove is on every 3 minutes in the event they become distracted from the stove ... because we can all become distracted from the stove from time to time!

If you're a realtor or a skilled trades person in the home related industry and you recognize the importance of protecting people in their home against distraction from the stove and the rewards that this can bring to your business … then please contact us at We'll license you to offer the Alert services for free to your community and that means you save consumers the full $70 to activate each year. Thanks to you, they'll get free unlimited use of Stove Alert to keep their loved ones and property safe from unattending cooking that can lead to devastating kitchen fires!

We will be glad to answer any questions you have and follow up with a media kit that describes in detail the benefits and rewards, fire stats in U.S.A. and Canada and an FAQ for your review.

Offer this service to your community to provide safety in the home!


Stove Alert means prevention, safety
and peace of mind for all members of the family!

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