Perhaps you know someone that would be just the partner your looking for.

Imagine you in your favourite 6 month destination and them in theirs.
It truly is the best of both worlds! If you are good friends or family, you can even arrange to break it up a little by allowing them to stay at your location for 2 or 3 weeks a year for a 2 or 3 week reciprocal exchange.

You may also want to consider this. There are only 12 months of the year ... so if you plan to live your dream in your favorite destination in the south for 6 months and in cottage country of the north for the remaining 6 months of the year, then it may be a good idea to also sell your primary residence in the city to free up your money and start enjoying life to the fullest.

Now you'll be able to use your money for other things like that sea craft you have been dreaming about and or helping the children buy their first home. Plus, owning two vacation homes is much less a cost and much less a burden then owning and maintaining your residential home in the city with all those high tax hikes and upkeep each year.

If you are retired or close to it, ask yourself this question; if we like to spend all of our time at the lake during the summer and the entire winter in Florida, do we really need to hold on to a third residence in the city that we will hardly ever use?

If you know someone who may share your interest ... but for another season of choice. You may have the perfect arrangement already in place without knowing it.   Contact family members, friends, co-workers, members at the club ... even your friendly neighbours. Us our email buttons to pass on the exciting news!

While you're doing so, please also pass on our important fire prevention message to keep people safe in their home against unattended cooking. Distraction from the stove is the one number one cause of kitchen fire in Canada and the U.S.