Why Own Half?

OwnHalf.com is dedicated to those individuals who understand the benefits of having a half share of something "great" versus 100% of something "ok."

Six reasons why Owning Half of a vacation
property is fast becoming the smart choice for
many in Canada and the U.S. who plan to
buy or sell property!

It just makes sound economic sense!

1. For those who understand the benefits of owning half of something wonderfully new and luxurious compared to 100% of something that's not.
2. For those who recognize the benefits of paying half the purchase price, half the down payment and half the mortgage, taxes, and utilities
... for full, exclusive use and ownership of your 6 months of choice each year.
3. For those who recognize the benefits of building equity while vacationing, rather than paying high vacation rental rates.
4. For those who recognize the benefits and rewards of high rental income and interesting tax advantages.
5. For those who find the own half plan the affordable alternative to whole ownership so that they can start building lifelong memories and financial equity years in advance of their second home buying plans.
6. For those who are retired or wisely planning for their retirement ahead of time who recognize the rewards and benefits of residing in the north during the summer and vacationing in Florida's sunshine state during the winter
... the best of both worlds!

OwnHalf.com understands the importance of diversifying your real estate portfolio. By having various pieces of real estate, you can limit your risk and enjoy your real estate. Some of our clients rent out their half-shares and some choose to utilize them to the fullest.

Flexibility inherent in half-share ventures is the main benefit of buying property this way. Appreciation, rental revenue, vacation use - the options are many.

OwnHalf.com looks forward to helping you find the vacation home you've always dreamed of and the perfect co-owner to share it with.

Fill out a Buyer Match Plan profile, or simply contact us directly.

OwnHalf.com's exclusive Buyer Match Plan was designed to uncover buyers' tastes, backgrounds, interests, hobbies and lifestyles, then match them with like-minded clients. A unique tool in the vacation home real estate market. We'll then have a licensed real estate agent represent you in the final closing of sale or perhaps you have your own agent. One thing is certain, our Tenancy-in-Common Agreements will save all owners, agents and closing lawyers much time ... and that means a smooth thoroughly developed business partnership.

Your Assurance:
Tenants-in-Common Agreement

OwnHalf.com leaves nothing to guesswork when it comes to your vacation home. Once you have found a suitable co-owner, both parties are given OwnHalf.com's exclusive Tenancy-in-Common Agreement, which formalizes all legal concerns regarding the rights and responsibilities of each co-owner. It spells out what is expected in terms of financial arrangements, seasonal time, rental revenues, re-sale policies, property maintenance and repair, among other pertinent details.

A smooth transition throughout the purchasing process, no question remains unanswered.